Logistics for Goods & Promotional Materials

Warehousing, logistics and packaging – combined under one roof.

The areas of warehousing, logistics and packaging are combined under one roof – processed by an experienced team with personal contact persons. This saves your own inventory management and offers a transparent overview from order receipt to dispatch.

Our merchandise management system is programmed in-house and offers optimal adjustment to customer-specific requirements. The geographical proximity to all hubs of Rhine-Main area allows Projekt-Service a flexible, fast and reliable range of logistics services for delivery to your employees and customers. From standard package to individually tailored delivery logistics (subscription shipping, quarterly shipping, personal station supply, fixed-date delivery, etc.) we ensure the optimal flow of goods and offer professional packaging according to your wishes.

Our service-oriented competencies guarantee a safe and cost-optimised handling of your goods – going together with personalised service for the recipient.

Warehouse: permanent or short-term storage

  • 1.500 square metres of warehouse space
  • in-house programmed merchandise management
  • order history, maintenance of addresses
  • incoming goods inspection + inventory + outgoing goods control
  • flexible and modular design of storage (high-rack, customised rack areas, block storage, commissioning areas)
  • acceptance of orders on all channels of communication (email / fax / telephone / online…)
  • order-booking
  • picking (barcode-managed + various picking strategies)
  • packing (cost-efficient, environmentally-friendly, customer-oriented, high-quality or standard…)
  • various packaging materials (standard, printed, laminated, sustainable, etc.)
  • just-in-time shipping with short lead times
  • optimised delivery guides according to specification
  • management of returned goods (inspection, re-warehousing, disposal)
  • specialised + personal contact for warehousing and processing status Track & Trace picking
  • Outsourcing your webshop or logistics activity

Good to know …

Just as the habits and expectations of your customers change, so does the focus on the topic of packaging. This is no longer a mere necessity to protect the goods during dispatch. Unlike local retailers, companies in the e-commerce sector generally have few personal interactions with their customers and thus less possibilities to win them over.
Every touch-point should have the chance to be converted into a brand experience.
This distinguishes from competitors and provides long-term association for your customers. Projekt-Service is familiar with tools of brand experience and customer centricity.