Cashback & Loyalty Campaigns

A specialised search for new customers, successful introduction of products, an increase in turnover or boosting brand recognition – you can only benefit from customer loyalty measures: Cashback campaigns, test-for-free promotions, money-back guaranties, collection campaigns with awards (promotional packs, stickers, free codes…) – Projekt-Service is your partner for bringing your campaign to life.

Since customers move fluidly between online and offline worlds and don’t want to be limited to one type of consultation, Projekt-Service specialises in serving all participation channels for your customer loyalty measures. We cooperate with you concerning all the necessary details. The portfolio can be furnished by Projekt-Service’s inbound hotline which receives and processes any questions from participants.

The incoming calls are handled professionally and competently in your name and according to your requirements. At Projekt-Service you will find everything under one roof with the objective of sustainable customer satisfaction.

We complement and support your campaigns:

  • microsite for registration
  • post-boxes
  • audit-compliant pay-out processes
  • verification and recording of participation
  • clarification and complaints management
  • programming of database structures for logging, analysis and evaluation
  • inbox for email, fax, internet, letters
  • consumer service - hotline
  • product-compliant storage of your awards
  • dispatch management of physical and digital incentives in time
  • implementation of logistic and returns management
  • logging, reporting
  • secure and confidential management of all participant data
  • digitisation and OCR of participation elements and/or digitisation of submissions
  • processing of order documents such as fax, scans, letters
  • establishment of marketing interfaces for the automated receipt of online registrations

Good to know …

Campaign-participants want to derive value from individual interactions and not simply waste their time. They want to be told that the brand will create an experience for them which they can identify with. The reliable delivery at point of an award or payment of a reimbursement to the participants is essential for the satisfaction of your customers – that’s our goal. We offer tailored solutions and deal in a flexible way. We manage details of the supervision of your campaign, from planning and initiation up to controlling.