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Projekt-Service – everything from one source

Fulfilment – to us – is more than just a standard off-the-shelf product. It is just a small word but often means a complex process chain. We love to put together the bits and pieces (or if you like – bits and bytes) of all the necessary gearing mechanisms to make your, our customer’s, perceptions become reality – and allowing a light-bulb moment to your target leads.

We anticipate and realise your wishes with the goal of successful and sustainable project implementation of marketing campaigns and long-term customer and product loyalty.

Transparent, personal and partnership-based collaboration is the foundation our customers have trusted for many years now. We like to serve German market as well as Austria + Switzerland (DACH)- from delivery, hotline up to payment services.

From mere warehousing to complex marketing campaigns – our innovative and authentic solutions characterise themselves by flexibility and long-standing market experience. They serve one single purpose: to respond to the individual goals of our customers efficiently and always being just that little bit better.

You can be ensured that: we take care of everything, right down to the last detail.

What distinguishes Projekt-Service? We pay attention to precise and personal commitment for more than 25 years. Our long experience inspires the development of our offer and helps us to reply even more effective to our customers’ requirements and be that little bit better in everything we do. That’s what we are proud of.

Elke Wilhelm

Senior Key Account Manager